4 Reasons Why Construction Companies Need Managed IT Services

Construction worker with IT illustrations

You’ve spent years building your contracting company from the ground up. You like to be hands on and pride yourself on knowing everyone in your company. So why would you consider using an outside company to handle IT services? Hasn’t what you have been doing worked well enough? Is this something a small to mid-sized […]

How to Avoid COVID-19 Phone and Email Scams

Coronavirus scam alert on dollar bill

The Federal Trade Commission states Covid-19 scams have cost more than 18,000 Americans a total of $13.4 million since the beginning of the year. Many of these are email phishing or phone fraud that prey on the uncertainties of people trying to gather information in a time of crisis. Covid Specific Scams Urgent news from […]

Save Your Company Money: How To Get The Most Out Of Your IT Budget

Budget illustration for IT

In the last five years, technology for businesses has changed dramatically. Today’s companies are faced with more technical choices, challenges, and requirements than ever before. Technology touches every aspect of your company, from communication to accounting. If you have an existing IT infrastructure, having it maintained and streamlined properly will save you money. If you […]

Zoom Meeting Security: What You Should Know

Virtual meeting on computer

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people are now working from home, and schools are holding virtual classrooms. Zoom has become a popular platform for these virtual meetings. The amount of users has grown from 10 million to 200 million in just 4 months. But the company’s security issues and privacy risks have come […]

Keeping Your Business Running During the Coronavirus Outbreak: Technology and Preparation.

Data on COVID-19 on computer

According to leading experts, Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. But it’s important not to panic and to practice the recommended steps to minimize community transmission so that hospitals and community services are not overwhelmed while a vaccination is developed. The current recommended steps that everyone should take to slow the spread are: Washing […]

HDD vs SSD: Which Disk Technology is For You

HDD versus SSD drives

With solid state drive (SSD) pricing falling fast, more and more people are choosing SSDs over traditional spinning disks (HDDs). For many of my own clients, the slight increase in cost of an SSD over an HDD is well worth the extra benefits like reliability, power savings, and most importantly speed. But there are still […]

Ensuring Your Data Backups Are Secure

data security illustration

There are many important questions to keep in mind when considering the security of your data backups. Are you backing up locally and to the cloud to avoid danger brought on by local natural disaster? Are you storing your physical and cloud backups in a safe place? Have you tested your data backup to ensure […]

Advantages of Free WiFi Access

Happy customers with tablet and free wifi

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to encourage organic growth, maximize customer satisfaction, and increase sales while keeping an eye on your bottom line. Offering free WiFi access to customers at your place of business can help you achieve those goals. And generally it can be done for a reasonable price […]

The First Steps to Becoming HIPAA Compliant4

HIPAA compliant on desktop monitor

When we schedule an appointment to go over HIPAA compliance with a new client, we are always asked, “Where do I even start?” by the owner or practice manager. Becoming HIPAA compliant is a complex proposition that takes time, knowledge, and persistence. There are many steps involved, but the first steps are always the same: […]