Managed IT that businesses love.

Small and mediums sized businesses love our services because we take the time to understand their business and their needs. We provide computer and network consulting, maintenance, and repair services that are customized for you.

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What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider is an outsourced company of Information Technology experts that handle every aspect of your company’s technology at a fraction of the cost of one employee.

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Unlike a break/fix IT service model, the goal of a Managed Service Provider is to be proactive at keeping your systems running and not waiting until they break.

We Save You Money

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Full Service IT Management

Our services are customized for your business.

Network Design

Permanently solve network slowness or security issues and wireless coverage.

Server Management

Secure your data and speed up operations. And when it's time to upgrade, we will find the best solution to fit your growing needs.

Disaster Recovery

What would you do if a disaster struck? Do you have plans in place to recover your data and get back to business in a timely manner? We will help design a plan that keeps your business safe.

Cloud Services & Backups

Your data is extremely important. From online data backup to cloud servers, we will design a solution for your company that is cost effective and efficient.

HIPAA Compliance

We have multiple HIPAA certifications and know how to handle patient data properly. We will help you to stop PHI breaches by hardening your systems against outside attacks and helping you develop a HIPAA compliance plan.

Managed Antivirus

We lower the risk of cyber threats and keep your systems secure and up-to-date by scanning and monitoring your network.

Patch Management

We monitor your devices for missing software updates and deploy them when they become available to prevent security breaches.

Remote Support

We will connect to your systems through our consoles via the internet to diagnose and repair your issues. Most times we can get you up and running without having to be on site. We can quickly resolve your issues by logging in remotely.

Onsite Support

Our technicians provide onsite support to solve your Technology issues when they can not be resolved remotely.

Security Awareness Training

Ensure you and your employees are aware of emerging cybersecurity threats that can affect your data, customers, and your business's bottom line.

Project Engineer

Our project engineers will help you design and implement customizable long-term technology projects.

Virtual CIO

We offer consulting services as a virtual Chief Information Officer, providing support for vendor management, technology recommendations, infrastructure audits, and roadmap development.

24 x 7 Support

When emergencies arise we are available 24/7.

Email Migration

We make it simple to migrate your existing email from one hosting service to another.

Money for IT workers

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We have plans for every business.

Less worry. More productivity.


If you are a medical doctor, dentist, or chiropractor; or if you handle patient medical information in any way, you are affected by the laws surrounding HIPAA. JJ Micro makes it easy to work towards full HIPAA compliance with our PracticeProtect™ service plan. We will work with your practice to document a HIPAA plan that can help you avoid the hefty fines that come with non-compliance.

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