COVID-19 Update

We are here for your business during this tough time.  We have temporarily modified our services to help your business with work from home strategies.
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Working internet connection?
Stay safe and let us do the rest.

Work from Home - Support & Solutions

Virtual Meetings

We will help you choose the appropriate software & hardware to use for video conferencing allowing you to stay connected with staff, clients, family and friends. 

Residential Support

We have the skills and the resources to help you work from home. Stay safe and let us do the rest. We can Diagnose & Repair remotely. 

Continued Protection

Now that you are working from home, you can still be as efficient and safe as at the office. We can set up security protocols, remote monitoring, and backups to keep things running smoothly.

Our remote skills and resources will help you at home in this time of crisis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need high speed internet connection and a webcam with a PC, Mac, or any mobile device.

The only thing we cannot control remotely are mobile devices. Any Windows or Mac computer can have software downloaded allowing us to support you.

If you can turn your computer on and launch the JJMicro website, we can help. Our job is to make sure you’re as efficient at home as you are in your office.