Simplified HIPAA and IT Support for Health Service Providers
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HIPAA Compliance Platform

The US government requires your practice to have a documented HIPAA compliance plan. Our HIPAA platform will allow you to become compliant and stay compliant going forward.

Antivirus and Web Filter

Antivirus software will keep your servers and workstations safe from infection. Web filtering will block infected websites and allow you to increase productivity by blocking access to sites you don't want your employees accessing.

Email Encryption

Send protected health information in a secure manner by employing email encryption. This ensures that only the intended recipient can access health records.

Continuous HIPAA Training

Our platform includes ongoing HIPAA training for you and your employees and gives you the tools to show auditors that your practice has completed trainings in the event of an audit.

Disaster Recovery

Our backup plans mitigate the danger of natural disasters, ransomware, hardware failure, and other data loss events. Your backup will be fully encrypted and compliant.

Remote Monitoring

We will keep our finger on the pulse of your infrastructure by monitoring your servers, workstations, and network equipment. With this information we can prevent downtime.

Get compliant today.

We make it easy to work towards full HIPAA compliance with our PracticeProtect service plan. 
practice protect illustration for medical workers