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Security Awareness Training That's Fun and Effective

Some of the best and most sophisticated cybersecurity technologies today are being rendered  useless by one simple thing: users.

JJMicro’s Security Awareness Training powered by Huntress uses behavioral science techniques, like storytelling, to fundamentally transform your security culture.

You and your employees will have access to a world of heroes, villains, and stories all designed to educate you on today’s most prevalent cyber threats. Our behavioral-science-based training techniques will have your employees working together to embrace security concepts.

Quick Monthly Videos

These monthly courses highlight recent trends in cyber-attacks and remind users of what to be wary of when opening emails.

These monthly videos take around 10 minutes to watch and include interactive quizzes to make sure employees are paying attention.

We regularly hear from the our clients that they start making use of this information right away.

Phishing Simulation Training

Phishing is the largest cyberthreat to businesses and consumer worldwide, and the number of recorded
phishing attacks continues to grow exponentially.

Using Huntress, we send simulated phishing emails to each of your users. We can see whether the user clicks
a link in the email, attempts to enter any passwords into a simulated phishing website, reports it as a phishing email, or just ignores the email. We then take that data and use it to assign more training to the users who need it.

Look below for an example of an actual phishing simulation email. 

It looks legitimate, doesn’t it? Notice that the email is from no-reply.paypal@security-updater.com. That’s not a legitimate source for Paypal emails.

If your employees received this email, would they click the link and potentially enter your company’s Paypal password? Or would they take a minute to investigate the email before they potentially caused a breach.

Security Awareness Training equips your employees with the knowledge needed to stop these types of attacks in their tracks.

Don’t leave your data, financial information, and operations open to cyber-attacks. Start training your employees to spot these attacks and avoid them before it’s too late.
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