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The Real Cost of Downtime

Everybody knows that when your IT infrastructure goes down it can cost your business money. But have you taken the time to truly quantify the cost of downtime for your business? At first, it can seem daunting to put a real price on an hour or day of downtime. However, if you know how much your business brings in on a yearly basis and how many employees you have and their average wage, we can do some simple calculations to find a per hour or per day downtime cost estimate.

As an example, if your company does $1,000,000 in revenue per year with 10 employees making on average $20 per hour, you have a potential downtime cost of $681 per hour and $5,446 per day.

Does your company have a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan to mitigate downtime? If not, it is imperative to design a plan that fits your needs. The average cost of one day of downtime is more expensive than many BDR solutions for the company described above.

At JJ Micro we offer many BDR solutions ranging from simple cloud backups to fully-fledged high availability clusters with active fail-over to the cloud. We can design a solution for you that takes into account your recovery point objective and recovery time objective.

The recovery point objective is how often you need your data to be backed up and how many copies of the data you want to keep. For instance, if you have mission-critical data that changes hourly and you want to keep each change for a week, you need a backup that runs hourly and keeps 168 copies of the changes.

The recovery time objective is how quickly you want to be able to recover from a disaster or data loss. In a company where a few hours of downtime is acceptable, a simple image-based backup might be perfect for you. But if your business needs constant up-time, you should heavily consider live replication to the cloud with automatic fail-over in the case of an outage.

Contact us to schedule a free Backup and Disaster Recovery consultation. We will work with you to eliminate downtime and keep revenue flowing.

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