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4 Reasons Why Construction Companies Need Managed IT Services

You’ve spent years building your contracting company from the ground up. You like to be hands on and pride yourself on knowing everyone in your company. So why would you consider using an outside company to handle IT services? Hasn’t what you have been doing worked well enough? Is this something a small to mid-sized contracting company actually needs? Gone are the days of pen and paper estimates and supply orders. Similar to subcontracting certain jobs for your projects because it’s more efficient to have a specialist do the job, your IT needs are better served by an outside company that is an expert in construction IT.

The question is: what could your contracting company gain from managed IT services?

1. It saves you money.

Having IT in house means paying salaries, benefits, and 401K. You also need space for employees to work. It’s much more cost effective to have an outside team of IT professionals working with your company than hiring an employee. In fact, a full team of IT experts is a fraction of the cost of one in-house employee.

2. It makes your job easier.

Managed IT Services means less headaches, giving you time to run your company rather than worrying about technical issues. If there is a hardware or software issue, an expert is there to solve the problem. More importantly, a Managed IT Service’s goal is to not have anything break in the first place, with 24/7 remote monitoring to prevent network and application downtime. You will have a network that is readily available to everyone from the office to the job site. It will allow employees all in one access, so there is no time wasted or redoubling efforts.

3. A Managed IT Service knows the technology needs of contractors.

Managed IT Services will advise you on user friendly technology that includes:

  • Accounting software 
  • The ability to do bids and estimates, as well as create contracts, in the office or out in the field. 
  • Software to order materials and labor
  • The power to communicate with subcontractors on the spot.
  • Job tracking and material orders 
  • Customer service
  • Creation of sales reports
  • Salesman performance tracking
  • Easy marketing tools, including data analysis for leads

4. Improved accuracy.

Automation of estimates, supply orders, and subcontractor services reduces human error. Working on a construction site guarantees there are many different jobs going on simultaneously. It’s easy for workers to get distracted. Automated IT services that go from jobsite to office ensures your company will be spending less time fixing mistakes and more time building business. 

The technology to help your construction company work efficiently and more streamlined is improving every day. Your business is construction. Having managed IT services will allow you to operate more efficiently, save money, and win more jobs.

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